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The Crafty side of the Squid

The first project I had in mind to feature on this website was actually beads for my hair. I started my dreadlocks in 2011 and love to adorn them with beads and trinkets. It's hard to find headbands or beads that fit your locks exactly, so I made my own. That's when I decided to open an etsy, but the beads haven't make it onto my listings yet. I have many different styles to choose from, including sculpy beads, carved wooden beads, hair wraps, charms, and sleeves. 

Sew Wonderful

Back when I first became a blogger, I stumbled onto a LiveJournal community called T-Shirt Surgery. Ever since then, I've found great joy in disassembling clothing and turning it into wearable art! My favorite is the Dino-hoodie, but I also specialize in tops and skirts made from reclaimed or recycled materials.

From browsing on etsy, I got inspired to begin sewing plush toys that have a heart. They are from materials I had unused and are fun to have around. I am a member of a Plush toys team and get new ideas all the time. I usually share my creations on my facebook or tumblr.

LED Lightups

Get ready to party with LED-lighted toys and gadgets!  Obviously, the lights in these products were not hand-made, but they are assembled by us into accessories to keep you dancing all night long.

Coming soon: Tutorials about building your OWN creations with LED, printed circuit boards, etching your own board and making your own art! :D it's crafty and squid approved!