and are giving away a FREE Hula Hoop!


11-11-11 is World Hoop Day!
In honor of this momentous occasion, I am so very excited to be giving away a custom hoop from Crafty Squid!

Hooping is crazy fun, great exercise AND is the only exercise you
look awesome doing no matter who you are. Everyone should try it… it
won’t be long before you’re hooping while watching TV, listening to
music in your garage, folding laundry, doing your homework, frying
bacon, doing puzzles on your dining room table…you won’t want to stop!

Don’t have a hoop…or just not a very pretty one? Lucky you! Crafty Squid is giving away a totally custom hoop.
That’s right—you get to pick how it’ll look! She’s got light green
tape, dark green tape, yellow tape, glitter yellow tape, red tape,
orange tape, light blue tape, dark blue tape, sparkle blue tape, black
tape, white tape, and invisible tape. [She’ll put on as much invisible
tape as you want for free!]. You get to pick the pattern too: retro, wavy or striped.

Is that not enough for your crazy creative hooping brain? She also makes fabric covered hoops, which are incredible looking and totally customizable.

Alright, admit that you’re totally hooked on her hoops. Want to win one for FREE?

Here’s how to enter:
-Reblog this photo
-Comment [either on the original post [found here] or in your reblog caption after the contest details] with your absolute favorite hoop in her shop. You can comment through Tumblr, Disqus, posting on the Crafty Squid Facebook wall or telling Crafty Squid in her ask box!

But wait! You REALLY want a hoop, right? Well you can get a leg up on the competition by:
-Liking Crafty Squid on Facebook
-Following Crafty Squid on Tumblr [all of her followers will be put into the drawing, so if you’re already following, lucky you!]

The deadline for the contest is Tuesday, November 15th at
8:00 pm CST, at which point I will get out my trusty vintage velvet
top hat, put in slips of parchment in which the ways to win are
scrawled, and choose one. After that, I’ll assign a number to each
entrant that used that platform and run them through a random number
generator, and then I’ll post the winner so they can bask in the glory
of having better luck than everyone.

If you have any questions about the contest, email me at Happy Hooping!

The contest is open to residents of the US and Canada.


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