How to Hoop

How to use a hula hoop

You say the last time you tried a hula hoop it fell to the ground? Hopefully you have a hoop that's big enough for you to turn slowly around your waist. If not, try a larger hoop, it truly helps.

1. Stand inside your hoop and hold it up with the inside pressed against the small of your back.

2. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart. To hoop counterclockwise (most common), it helps to put your left foot slightly forward, or try the other way for what feels right.

3. Push the hoop around your torso to start it. Again, start it going counterclockwise by using your right arm to give the hoop a good roll across your belly and onto your left hip.

4. Rock side to side or front-to back. You don't want to do both. Think about making your movements go between two points to counterbalance the hoop swinging from touching your front to touching your back. I find it easiest to move from side to side. With practice, your movements become smooth and unnoticeable as you work the muscles around the core in any direction.

5. If the hoop falls down, laugh, and try again. Try to keep it going a little longer each time. I encourage you to hoop equally in both directions to keep good form: clockwise, and counterclockwise. Some people are naturally better at hooping to the left or right. Most tricks can be performed in either direction.

What tricks should I know?

When I first learned to hoop, there were only about ten videos online that taught how to do hooping tricks. Today, Youtube is full of them. Every day there are new videos and new techniques to watch in tutorials.

My favorite teachers on Youtube:

SaFire who teaches classes on

Caroleena who has basic moves, easy to understand

Expert Village is a series with a whole playlist of instructional videos

KaytiBunny features cool tricks that will wow your friends