Hula Hoop Assembly

When you first receive your hoop, please carefully remove all exterior tape, paper packaging, and bubble wrap. Hoops must be coiled down to fit in the mail, but are easily brought to full size in a few minutes.

Traditional Hoop

1. Uncoil the hoop and open to its full size.

2. Find the connector piece. The tube has been expanded enough to wedge the gray connector inside. Once cooled, both ends of the plastic tube have a very firm fit on the gray connection piece.

3. Heat the open end of tube slightly so that you can insert the exposed connector. I recommend applying heat from a hair dryer for 60 seconds right onto the open end of the tube.

As a last resort, you can try to insert the connector end into the open end without heating it. Press the gray connector piece into the open side; it should be inserted all the way to make a tight seal.

4. If the hoop is out of shape, hold it in front of you and squeeze the sides together, going around the hoop from all sides until it looks perfectly round. A little heat (laying it out in the sun) can change the shape as well.

5. For maximum safety while hooping, you may wish to wrap a strip of electrical tape twice around the seam where you inserted the connector. This will ensure that the hoop cannot open during use. 

Just a little tape will do!

Taking Care of Your Crafty Squid Hula Hoop

1. To protect tape or fabric from peeling, try not to hoop on gravel, concrete,bricks, or other hard surfaces. The softest hooping places are in grass, carpet, or onlinoleum flooring. These smooth surfaces are less likely to scuff and crack the design.
2. Do not leave the hoop outside in extreme temperatures. Do not leave the hoop ina vehicle for a long period of time. Extreme heat can warp the plastic tubing.
3. When using your hoop, take care not to step on it.
4. Through frequent use, you will notice some wear and tear on the tape as time goeson. This is normal. Fabric might need to be re-glued: just choose a nontoxic fabric or craft glue. Tape can be added at any time, so feel free to add decorations or ribbon to your hoop's design.

A hula hoop can be a good friend and companion if you treat it well.
~Happy Hooping~

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You can also download this page as a PDF.