Collapsible Hoop Assembly

When you first receive your hoop, please carefully remove all exterior tape, paper packaging, and any plastic wrap. Hoops must be coiled down to fit in the mail, but are easily brought to full size in a few minutes. When the hoop is unfolded to its full size, simply press it into a perfect circle with your hands, gently. Leaving a collapsible hoop in the folded down position may cause it become misshapen over time. For best results, always store your hoop in its fully open position.

Opening and closing the collapsible hoop

- Lay the hoop down on a flat surface and find the connector sites
- Line up the two connectors with each other, let the tubes cross to form an X where the connectors meet.
- Unfold the sides to make a figure 8 shape with the connector joints crossing in the center
- Allow the connectors to rotate and gently open to a full circle shape
- Use your hands to gently reform a perfect circle from the tubing
- To close, recross the connectors by carefully bringing them in to the invisible center between them. You must reform the figure 8 with the connectors in the center and then fold it in half.
- Do not stress your hoop: if you feel you are bending it too much take a moment to let the hoop rest so that kinks don't happen.
- Only use the collapsed position when necessary - leave the hoop fully open whenever possible.

Having trouble figuring out the collapsible design? My friend Miranda (SaltyHoops) has made a video to help you understand opening and closing these hoops:

Click here to watch the Youtube Instructional Video

Taking Care of Your Crafty Squid Hula Hoop

1. To protect tape or fabric from peeling, try not to hoop on gravel, concrete, bricks, or other hard surfaces. The softest hooping places are in grass, carpet, or on linoleum flooring. These smooth surfaces are less likely to scuff and crack the design.
2. Do not leave the hoop outside in extreme temperatures. Do not leave the hoop in a vehicle for a long period of time. Extreme heat can warp the plastic tubing.
3. When using your hoop, take care not to step on it.
4. Through frequent use, you will notice some wear and tear on the tape as time goes on. This is normal. At any time feel free to add tape or ribbon to your hoop's design. A hula hoop can be a good friend and companion if you treat it well.
~Happy Hooping~

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